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STEM Academy

Our School Vision

The Pentucket Regional School System’s STEM Academy’s vision is to provide a rigorous and personalized academic program where all secondary students can thrive. Through project based learning, students will think critically about authentic problems and devise solutions by applying mathematical and scientific concepts. Students will take intellectual risks and engage in open-ended instruction. Adaptive leadership skills, such as collaboration and strategic thinking, will be integrated throughout the curriculum. Staff and students will share a unique opportunity to pursue their passion as they accelerate their learning. 

Engineering is the “the discipline dealing with the art or science of applying scientific knowledge to practical problems”. The primary purposes are to familiarize students with tools, products, processes, and occupations of industry as well as social and economic phenomena of the technological world in which we live and work. The objectives of the Engineering program at Pentucket are as follows:

  1. To encourage self-discovery and provide an opportunity for self-expression.
  2. To develop an understanding of industry and the methods of production, including an appreciation of good design and good workmanship.
  3. To develop safety habits and fundamental safety consciousness.
  4. To safe and effectively use tools and machinery.

Courses offered in STEM Academy beginning 2015:

  • CAD I(825) 2.5 credits College Preparatory 
  • CAD II (823) 2.5 credits College Preparatory 
  • CAD III (821) 2.5 credits Honors 
  • CAD IV (829) 2.5 credits Honors
  • Digital Technology Literacy (828) 2.5 credits College Preparatory 
  • Engineering I (820) 2.5 credits College Preparatory 
  • Engineering II (827) 2.5 credits College Preparatory
  • Game Design (8261) 2.5 credits College Preparatory
  • Introduction to Personal Finance (801) 2.5 credits College Preparatory
  • Problem Solving in Engineering (824) 2.5 credits College Prep 
  • Robotics I (840) 2.5 credits College Preparatory 
  • Robotics II (8400) 2.5 credits Honors