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SOI Appendix

The links on the left are for the following Appendices:
Appendix 1 Existing Conditions report for Pentucket Regional High School -CGKV Architects, Inc.
Appendix 2 March 24, 2015 Letter from Fitzemeyer & Tocci Associates, Inc.
Appendix 3 March 22, 2015 Sunday Boston Globe, A New Wave of Innovation in Pentucket Schools
Appendix 4 Photographs of April 13, 2014 Flood at Pentucket Regional High School
Appendix 5 Photographs of Removal of Modular Classrooms at Pentucket Regional High School
Appendix 6 2014-2015 Pentucket Regional School District Capacity-Building Plan
Appendix 7

Endorsement by Boards of Selectmen from Groveland, Merrimac, and West Newbury

  • Groveland
  • Merrimac
  • West Newbury
Appendix 8

Leveraging Educational Assess in Pentucket (LEAP) Documentation

  • Dec 3 & 4 Meeting Summary 
  • Dec 10 & 18 Meeting Summary 
  • Dec 12 & 13 Meeting Summary 
  • Dec 19 & 20 Meeting Summary 
Appendix 9 2015 Innovation Schools Implementation Award
Appendix 10 Pentucket Educator Evaluation rubric
Appendix 11 1956 Dedication of Pentucket regional Junior-Senior High School
Appendix 12 2015 Pentucket Regional School District Facilities Plan
Appendix 13 2013 Survey of Parents Opting for Educational Opportunities Outside of Pentucket
Appendix 14

2014 Innovation Schools Plans (grades 7 - 12)

  • Art Innovation Plan
  • MSA Innovation Plan
  • Safety Innovation Plan
Appendix 15

2012 Superintendent Entry Plan

  • Cornerstone September 2012 
  • Letter to the Community October 2012 

District Accomplishments to Date

  • 2013 Growth Toward World Class
  • 2014 Return on Investment