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Summer Reading

June 2016

Dear Parents and Students,

I encourage families to take advantage of summer to expand reading opportunities that will explore new areas of learning.  Pentucket’s world class future is very much dependent upon every student reaching high levels of learning.  Students who refine their ability to read complex text will be aligned with the Pentucket’s vision and open doors to opportunities.

You can find some valuable tools at Lexile.com that are terrific supports for readers of every age and ability.  The Lexile Framework for Reading website provides valuable resources for readers to challenge themselves in ways that will strengthen their ability to read complex text.

The following information may be helpful as a guide to determining the readability of text.  You will see that the following Lexile levels are aligned to college and career readiness.  The Lexile Framework for Reading is a 2000 point system.  The higher the Lexile level, the greater the challenge with regard to text complexity.  This should not be confused with genres of literature.  Some classics have greater literary value than text complexity.

Text Complexity Grade Bands

Grades 2 – 3                         450L – 790L

Grades 4 – 5                        770 L- 980L

Grades 6 – 8                         955L – 1155L

Grades 9 – 10                       1080L – 1305L

Grades 11 – 12                     1215L – 1355L

The Lexile.com website can also be used to access a great variety of books that have been rated using the Lexile system.  Students’ ability to read complex text does not always develop in a linear fashion. Although the progression of reading expectations (above) defines required grade-by-grade growth in students’ ability to read complex text, the development of this ability in individual students is unlikely to occur at an unbroken pace.  Students need opportunities to stretch their reading abilities but also to experience the satisfaction and pleasure of easy, fluent reading. Such factors as students’ motivation, knowledge, and experiences must also come into play in text selection. Students deeply interested in a given topic, for example, may engage with texts on that subject across a range of complexity. Particular tasks may also require students to read harder texts than they would normally be required to.

I hope your summer is filled with many learning opportunities and that you will engage with reading that is both enjoyable and challenging.

Sincerely yours,

Jeffrey J. Mulqueen, Ed. D.

Superintendent of Schools