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PRSD Parent Resources

2018-19 Student Contact & Health Information Forms

Click the following links to print blank information forms & preview the information requested:

Student Contact Form
Student Health Form

Refer to the following information when filling out the forms:  

  • Information found on your child's birth certificate or requiring a legal document (Legal Guardian or Custody) can only be changed by contacting your child's school office.
    • Legal Guardian: relationship established by the court where one person acts for the benefit and protection of another person
    • Custody: is granted to one or both parents of a child.  In contrast, a legal guardian is not the parent of the child.
  • Gender Codes
    • F - Female (Individuals who identify as a girl or a woman)
    • M - Male (Individuals who identify as a boy or a man)
    • N - Nonbinary (Individuals who don't identify as just female or male)
  • To determine your child's ethnic code, please refer to the Department of Education link below:
  • Military Family Description: Students who are children of:
    • [01] Active duty members of the uniformed services, National Guard and Reserve on active duty orders
    • [02] Members or veterans who are medically discharged or retired within one year
    • [03] Members who die on active duty​
  • Contact Code Descriptions:
    • C1 = Primary Contact 1 - The Parent / Guardian at the student's residence
    • C2 = Primary Contact 2 - The 2nd Parent / Guardian or non-custodial parent
    • C3 = Emergency Contact 1 - The first emergency contact (not primary 1 or 2)
    • C4 = Emergency Contact 2 - The second emergency contact (not primary 1 or 2)
  • PRSD Notifications
    • Outreach Notifications make 3 attempts to call Contact 1 Primary number only, and emails Contact 1&2
    • Emergency Notifications make 3 attempts to call all phone numbers for Contact 1&2 until successful and emails Contact 1&2

Additional Resources

WN Mosquito Spraying Announcement - NE Mosquito Control


For school specific resources for parents, please visit the individual school website.