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District Policies


School Committee Policies


Section A: Foundations and Basic Commitments
Policy Code Description
AA School District Legal Status
AB The People and Their School District
ABA Communications Policy
AC Nondiscrimination
ACA Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Sex
ACAB Harassment
ACE Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Handicap
AD Pentucket Regional School District Beliefs
ADC Use of Tobacco Products on School Property
ADDA Policy Background Checks
ADDA-R C.O.R.I. Policy
ADF Wellness Policy on Physical Activity and Nutrition
AE Commitment to Accomplishment
Section B: School Board Governance and Operations
Policy Code Description
BCA School Committee Member Ethics
BE School Committee Meetings
BEAA Adjourned Meetings
BEC Executive Sessions
BEDA Notifications of School Committee Meetings
BEDB Agenda Policy
BEDD Rules of Order
BEDF Voting Method
BEDG Minutes
BEDH Public Participation at School Committee Meetings
BEDI School Committee Procedures During Summer Months
BEE Special Procedures for Conducting Hearings
BG School Committee Policy Development
BGB School Committee Policy Adoption
BGC Policy Revision and Review
BGD School Committee Review of Regulations
BGE Policy Dissemination
BGF Suspension of Policies
BGG Administration in Policy Absence
BHC School Committee- Staff Communications
BHE Use of Electronic Messaging by School Committee Members
BIA New School Committee Member Orientation
BIBA School Committee Member Conferences, Conventions, and Workshop
BID School Committee Member Compensation and Expenses
BJ School Committee Legislative Program
BK School Committee Memberships
Section C: General School Administration
Policy Code Description
CA Administration Goals
CAA Annual Operational Plans/Objectives
CBD Superintendent’s Contract
CBI Evaluation of the Superintendent
CCB Line and Staff Relations
CE Administrative Councils, Cabinets, and Committees
CH Policy Implementation
CHA Development of Regulations
CHB SC Review of Regulations
CHCA Approval of Handbooks and Directives
CHCA-E Approval of Handbooks and Directives
CHD Administration in the Policy Absence
CL Administrative Reports
Section D: Fiscal Management
Policy Code Description
DA Fiscal Management Goals/Priority Objectives
DB Annual Budget
DBC Budget Deadlines and Schedules
DBD Budget Planning
DBG Budget Adoption Procedures
DBJ Budget Transfer Authority
DBR Budget Apportionment of Expenses
DBS Excess and Deficiency Expenditure (E and D) Policy
DD Funding Proposals and Applications
DD-E Donations
DDF Student and Staff Fundraising Policy
DGA Authorized Signatures
DI Pentucket Investment Policy
DICA Financial Reports to the School Committee
DIE Audits
DJ Purchasing
DJA Purchasing Authority
DJAA Contract Signatures
DJG Vendor Relations
DK Payment Procedures
DKC Expense Reimbursements
DKF Fixed Asset Policy
DO Disposal of Books, Materials, or Equipment
Section E: Support Services
Policy Code Description
EBAB Pest Management Policy
EBCC Threats of Violence
EBH Use of School Facilities
EDC Authorized Use of School-Owned Materials
EEA Student Transportation
EEAA Student Transportation Policy
EEAA-1 Transportation Policy
EEAE School Bus Safety Program
EEAEA Bus Driver Examination and Training
EEAEA-1 Bus Driver Examination and Training
EEAEC Student Conduct on School Buses
EEAG Student Transportation in Private Vehicle
Section F: Facilities Planning and Development
Policy Code Description
FA Facilities Development Goals
FA-E Facilities Development Goals
FB Facilities Planning
FBF Naming School Department Facilities
FCB Retirement of Facilities
FCM Facilities Department Chemical Management Policy
FUP Facilities Use Policy
Section G: Personnel
Policy Code Description
GA Personnel Goals
GBA Equal Employment Opportunity
GBD School Committee- Staff Communications
GBEB Staff Conduct
GBEBC Gifts to and Solicitations by Staff
GBEC Alcohol/Drug-Free Workplace Policy
GBED Tobacco Use on School Property by Staff Members
GBGB Staff Personal Security and Safety
GBI Staff Participation in Political Activities
GBK Staff Complaints and Grievances
GCA Professional Staff Positions
GCBA Professional Staff Salary Guidelines
GCBC Professional Staff Stipend Positions
GCCC Professional Staff Family and Medical Leave
GCCC-R Family and Medical Leave Act Regulations and Procedures
GCE Professional Staff Recruiting/Postings of Vacancies
GCF Professional Staff Hiring
GCG Substitute Professional Staff Employment
GCG-E Substitute Pay Rate
GCIA Philosophy of Staff Development
GCRD Tutoring For Pay
GDA Support Staff Positions
GDB Support Staff Contracts and Compensation Plans
GDBD Support Staff and Fringe Benefits
GDCC Support Staff and Medical Leave
GDE Support Staff Recruiting/Posting of Vacancies
GDF Support Staff Hiring
GDI Support Staff Probation
GDJ Support Staff Assignments and Transfers
GDO Evaluation of Support Staff
GE Nurses Policy
GM Medication Administration Program Management
GV Vehicle Use Policy
Section H: Negotiations
Policy Code Description
HA Negotiations Goals
HB Negotiations Legal Status
HF School Committee Negotiating Agents
Section I: Instruction
Policy Code Description
IA Instructional Goals and Learning Objectives
IB Democratic Principles
IC/ICA School Year/ School Calendar
IC/ICA-P Central District Wide Calendar
ID School Day
IGA Curriculum Renewal Cycle
IGB Learning Support Services Programs
IGBE Remedial Instruction
IGBH Alternative Programs
IGD Curriculum Adoption
IHA Basic Instruction Program
IHAA Basic Instruction Program-A
IHAE Physical Education
IHAEB Participation in Interscholastic Sports
IHAM Health Education
IHAMA Parental Notification Relative to Sex Education
IHAMB Teaching About Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drugs
IHB Differentiated Instruction, Program and Accommodations
IHBA Program for Students with Disabilities
IHBB Gifted and Talented Education
IHBD Title 1 Supplement, not Supplant Policy & Procedures
IHBE Bilingual Instruction
IHBG Home Education
IHCA Summer School
IIAC Library Resources
IIAE Reconsideration of Instructional Resources
IJ Instructional Materials
IJJ Textbook Selection and Adoption
IJK Supplementary Materials Selection and Adoption
IJL Library Materials Selection and Adoption
IJL-R Library Materials Selection and Adoption
IJNDBA Acceptable Technology Use Policy
IJNDBAA Social Networking Policy
IJOA Field Trips updated 5/13/16
IKFA Granting of a Diploma
IMG Animals in School
  Assessment Policy
  Language Policy
Section J: Students
Policy Code Description
JA Student Policies
JBR Collection of Pupli Information Policy
JE Student Attendance Policy
JEB Entrance Age
JF School Admissions and Residency
JFABD Homeless Students: Enrollment Rights and Services
JFABE Transfer of Students Within District
JFBBA Intra-District Choice Program
JFF Student Activity Accounts updated 5/19/15
JFICFA Practice of Hazing
JH Student Absences and Excuses
JICFB PRSD Prohibiting Bullying Policy
JICH Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drug Use by Students Prohibited
JICJ Weapons
JIE Pregnant Students
JIHB Interrogations and Searches
JK Student Discipline
JKA Physical Restraint of Students
JLCH PRHS Concussion Policy
JRA Student Records
JMA Student Meal Accounts
  District Family Engagement Policy
Section K: School-Community-Home Relations
Policy Code Description
KA School-Community Relations Goals
KA-P School/Community Relations Goals
KBA School/Parent Relations Goals
KBD Communications with Parents
KCB Community Involvement in Decision-Making
KDB Public’s Right to Know
KDC Webpage
KDCB District Website Policy
KDD News Media Relations/News Releases
KDF Use of E-Mail Lists
KE Non-Personnel Public Complaints
KEB Public Complaints about School Personnel
KEB-R Public Complaints about School Personnel - Revised
KEC Public Complaints about the Curriculum or Instructional Materials
KHA Public Solicitations in the Schools
KHB Advertising in the Schools
KI Visitors to the Schools
KJA Relations with Booster Organizations
KLG Relations with Police Authorities
Section L: Education Agency Relations
Policy Code Description
LA Education Agency Relations Goals
LB Relations with Other Schools and School Districts
LDA Student Teaching, Internships, Research Partnerships
  Annual K-12 Program Evaluations