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High School

Google Drive & Apps

Google accounts for Middle and High School Students

All High School students and staff now have Google Accounts within the PRSD system. The Google accounts are not to be used for email but Google Drive, Google Apps and all the other Google services available through the PRSD Google Apps for Education enterprise account. Google accounts for students and staff are synchronized with current PRSD accounts so the same username and password is 
used for both. Try Logging in with your PRSD username and password using the following link:   https://drive.google.com/a/prsd.org 
Your Google Apps account will allow you to create, share, and collaborate on the web with documents,  spreadsheets, presentations, and more. You can even access files saved to your Google Drive on a smartphone or tablet! See below for Google Apps helpful hints. 

Google Drive: Basics


Use Google Drive to organize, find, and share documents and files of any type.


Google Docs: Basics


How to create, edit, and share a document.


Google Sheets: Spreadsheet Basics


How to access, create, edit, and share a spreadsheet.


Google Slides: Presentation Basics


How to access, create, edit, and share a presentation.


Google Sites: Website Creation Basics


How to access, create, edit, and share a site.


Rachael Costello created the following tutorials for Google Docs.  

Email to staff sent 12/21/12:

Subject: Have you been wondering what Google Docs is?

Have you been wondering what Google Docs is? Well wonder no more.  Here are two (because one is never enough) video tutorials that introduce Google Docs.


Getting to Know Google

On Wednesday, August 27,  Dan Millard presented 7 tasks to complete that should make you better acquainted with Google Drive and Google Docs.  These tasks should take you no more that 30 minutes and much less, if you have familiarity with Google.


Click here for the link to the Google Doc describing your 7 tasks


Click here for the link to Google Feedback form (Task 7)





Going Google @ PRHS Video

Others Going Google